Reduce Road Vibrations with New Cloudwheels Donut 120 MM fits most Electric Skateboards | Wowgo 2S Pro


Use this link for discounts and to support the channel! The long awaited Hub Motor saviour is here! The new 120 MM Cloudwheels Donut (120H) now works with a lot of electric skateboards. Watch it in action with Wowgo 2s Pro and what are the sacrifices? Let’s find out! Follow us on Instagram! Shop Electric Skateboards in Malaysia: Any questions? PM us on our Facebook page and we will assist you! Visit our website : Electric Skateboard Electric Skateboards Electric Skateboard Malaysia Cloudwheels Cloudwheels Donut 105 MM Discovery Cloudwheels 120 MM Cloudwheels

NEW! Propel Endeavor S and Propel Endeavor PRO | Unboxing + First Impressions | Closer Look Use the link for discounts and to support the channel! Or use code EBOARDMY

Propel released a new board line up. The Endeavor is set to rival many boards in this price point. The Endeavor S is their entry level board and The Endeavor PRO is their 2nd Flagship Board sitting below the Propel X4S. Any good? Let’s find out!

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