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1.Teamgee H9

The Teamgee H9 definitely deserve our recommendations with the features that it promotes.

  • Slim and sleek design
  • Integrated battery
  • Informative remote with screen featuring speedometer and odometer
  • Smooth acceleration and braking
  • Drop through deck making it closer to the ground, hence more stable
  • Smooth and comfortable riding experience
  • Powerful quiet motors
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2.Evolve Carbon GT 2 in 1

The Evolve Carbon GT is definitely a high spec board that delivers performance. But its very pricy and definitely not in the budget category. Ours is Carbon GT 2 in 1.The AT setup perform absolutely well with any road condition but the street wheels in my opinion is a waste of money. It cracked and chipped making it not suitable for typical Malaysia road. Best thing about this board is the All-Terrain setup. You can rock anywhere with this!



3.Kooboard 2.0 (recommended)

Kooboard 2.0 is first on our list and definitely receive our recommendation. It’s super fast, one of the fastest out there. Perfect acceleration and braking curve makes riding this thing felt safe and in control. Good range too , average of 15km per battery but the battery is swappable so you can get an extra battery pack and double your range! Many complain about the deck being stiff but we’re fine with that. Stiff deck makes going high speed more stable and it handles heavy weight riders better. Ours is modified, check out the original kooboard 2.0 here.



4.Kooboard 1.0


Almost two years now…still working fine :D. But of course it’s brother (kooboard 2.0) surpass it’s performance and capability. The old version have old remote design, smaller wheels, and the speed drops when the battery is below 50%.



5.SUV All terrain E-Board (OEM)

Having All-Terrain tires is so handy when dealing with bad road conditions. This board have dual setup meaning that it can change to street wheel or AT wheels. Very good so far for the price (RM 2300) Fast and powerful. Good range with streets wheels (15km average) but less range with the AT wheels. The acceleration and braking is not as smooth as the Kooboard 2.0



6.Landwheel drive L3x




The landwheel is a drive set where you install it on your own deck. Insane fast speed up to 45km/h. Water resistant. Excellent remote features very smooth acceleration and braking. Easily swap batteries. (plus the battery is small and easy to carry)

But the rear wheels wear out fast (due to malaysia’s bad road condition) and the motor sounds rough and bad after sometime. A good choice if the road condition in your place is excellent. Avoid buying this if the road condition is bad.


8. Ownboard C1S (recommended)


The Ownboard is one of the best budget board you can get, full stop. The specs and performance it delivers while offering such a good price is unbelievable. Goes up to 40km/h with average range of 16km, makes it good enough for daily commute or fun cruises.

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9. Exway X1 (Our personal favourite)


Known to be the Boosted Killer at half the price, Exway X1 is the definition of premium, high quality, intelligent, and convenient, all combined making it one of the best electric skateboard out there. The sleek and thin design made Exway X1 look like a regular longboard but little did people know, it’s powered by strong dual hub motor allowing it to reach up to 40km/h with immense torque and acceleration. You can customize the Exway X1 with the app from your phone. It’s water resistant, it’s fast, it’s smart, it’s sleek and thin, it’s powerful, you can’t ask for more.

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