A good Electric Skateboard is the one that suits your need.

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Here’s some helpful tips on choosing the best electric skateboard for you.

1. Determining your budget.

A good electric skateboard starts from RM 1300+

Below that is just for super short commute and won’t last you long.

2. Determine your needs
1. Speed

Riding an E-board is easier than a normal skateboard because you don’t have to push. If you are a complete beginner, 20-25km/h is definitely fast enough for you.

If you have experience in skating before, then try to get a board that at least can go 30km/h. Btw, 40km/h on a skateboard is scary! You don’t want to go faster than that.

2. Range

Find a board that have enough range for you to commute. Whether it’s 2 km ride to class or 10 km ronda for fun, it’s up to your needs.

Most electric skateboard average at 15 km range

3. Personal preference

a.Looks :

Up to you, you choose.

But if you want sleek and thin design, go for Teamgee or Exway boards. They make the best Slim and thin electric skateboards.

b.Size : If you want to ride more than 7 km, we definitely recommend longboards. Short boards are for short trips. The reason is, short boards will make you become unstable at high speed.

Plus, longboards is better at handling road vibrations and bumps that you get from a long ride. But, if you’re riding short range such as around university campus and tight spaces, short boards are the way to go!

It’s easier to turn with short boards and you feel more in control. Shorter boards also offers more portability. In the end? It’s up to your commute distance.

c.Features : Some features might be useful and important for you. For an example, carrying handles, water resistant, smart turn on and replaceable battery. According to your usage, some of these features might come in handy.

Important note: If you want to travel, pick a board that can remove the battery easily. And make sure the battery do not exceed 160 wh

4. Choosing a good E-Board

A good E-board does not have to be 50km/h nor have to be 40km range of distance. A good e-board is the one that suits your needs. Once you’ve determine your needs here’s some points that you should look for.

  • Reliability. You don’t want a board that’s problematic and sometimes won’t work.
  • Smooth acceleration and braking. Makes your riding much more safe.
  • Decent speed. 20km/h-30km/h is the one that you should look for.
  • Range that you need.  It’s up to your usage. Some people ride as low as 2km while some ride up to 20km.
  • Access to replacement parts.
5. Good E-board to choose from (2019)
  1. Our top Favourite is Exway X1 and Exway X1 Pro – pick this if you want to commute in city. The slim and thin design, smart turn on, water resistant, Smooth acceleration and braking makes it the best at City commuting and of course leisure rides.
  2. Teamgee Sail – a very good board for beginners. Really fun and easy to ride. The thinnest and lightest electric skateboard. Meant for short commutes and relaxing ride.
  3. Ownboard W2 – For pure performance and comfort when riding. This board delivers good top speed and very good range
  4. Aeboard AF – Meant for travelling. Removable battery, quick and easy in seconds. Good top speed and range especially if you get spare batteries.
  5. Ownboard M1- Mini but powerful.
  6. Ownboard W1S – Money to performance ratio. Good performance, low price, below 2k
  7. Ownboard Carbon/Bamboo AT – High price, high performance. If you really want to get rid of road vibrations.
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