An All-Terrain Electric Skateboard with Carbon Fiber Deck, Meet the New Onewow Hawk PLUS. Adventure places you never been before.


  1. Carbon Fiber Deck
  2. Slim and thin design
  3. Big 6.5 Inch Wheels
  4. Giant 2400 w Dual hub motors
  5. Water resistant
  6. Smooth Acceleration and Braking
  7. Strong brakes
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Onewow Hawk PLUS All Terrain Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard

A good choice if you’re looking for comfort and off-road capability.

We tested this board to the limit, trying on every terrain found. It passes through all without fail.

Watch how it performs in this video!



  1. Carbon Fiber Deck, it’s not light, but lighter than it looks 🙂
  2. Slim and thin design offers a lot of clearance. Nothing will stop you from riding.
  3. Dual 2400 W hub motors climbs out every hill that we tested.
  4. No maintenance – there’s no need to worry about belt snaps and et
  5. Good top speed – 35 to 39 km/h is more than enough for an All terrain Board
  6. Good Range – Average of 35 km
  7. Off-road Capability – Shred through every terrain without a problem
  8. Water resistant
  9. Smooth yet strong brakes
  10. Good acceleration and torque



  1. Consume space
  2. No option to swap to smaller wheels
  3. Speed and distance reading on remote is not accurate
  4. Quite Heavy


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