Looking for high performance electric skateboard that can go fast and go far? Check out AEBoard AX Plus Electric Skateboard.

On highest specs you can get:

  1. 50km/h topspeed
  2. 65 km range!

Other features

  1. Flexy Deck – Comfort
  2. Big 105 mm Honeycomb Wheels – Comfort
  3. 800w x2 motor -Power
  4. Customizable Battery types
  5. Smooth Acceleration and Braking
  6. Usb port to charge phone/gadgets
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AEBoard AX Plus

Pure performance


  1. Really Flexy Deck
  2. 50km/h
  3. Customizable Range Specs – Up to 65km range
  4. Powerful Motors
  5. Big Comfortable 105mm Honeycomb wheels
  6. Smooth Acceleration and Braking
  7. Usb port to charge phone/gadgets


Battery Configurations :


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