Balik Pulau to Batu Ferringhi with Electric Skateboard, Electric Unicycle and Onewheel! Penang have many Riding spots, this is just one of them. The route is FUN and relaxing. BUT make sure that you’re experienced and follow the safety measures. Boards used : Ownboard Bamboo AT Electric Skateboard Onewheel PLUS Onewheel PLUS XR Kingsong 16x Electric Unicycle Route : Balik Pulau to Batu Ferringhi via Titi Kerawang Stops : Titi Kerawang, Teluk Bahang Dam, Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang, Belimbing Cafe Teluk Bahang, Pantai Batu Ferringhi Interested in Electric Skateboards? Go to Follow us on Facebook page so that you don’t miss on any Sales! Follow our Instagram for beautiful behind the scenes pictures. @Electric Skateboard Malaysia Electric Skateboard Electric Skateboards Eboard Malaysia Boosted Boards

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